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".....Wonderful Hotel Management Software. All aspects of Hotel Management are covered in this. With the help of this software leakages have been plugged and revenue increased. Miles ahead of any software of its kind in both national and international markets. Best value for money..."
Mr.Harish Sharma , Owner: Hotel Smyle Inn, New Delhi.
(Ex. Sr. Technical Manager IBM India)
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Lodging and Billing

Uncomparable easiest and efficient module.
The regular guest or
company clients rates are picked up from the pre-set rate for them. The calculation of Luxury Tax, Form-2, C-Form (in case of foreigners), bills receivable accounts, on account receipts (for payments received from client against their dues), shifting of rooms, zero dialing opening on checking and closing on check out, extra bills with split/complement options, a handy occupancy chart with all controls on it, Group rooms with easiest understandable options ( can be checked out or checked in independantly within the group), uncleaned room status maintaining (can track the cleaning time taken by the house keeping staff) , Analytical Reports like ARR, revenue reports, Client -wise business, Company wise business and so on....
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